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: Cecità: Letto da Sergio Rubini (Audible Audio Edition): José Saramago, Sergio Rubini, Emons Edizioni: Books. Cecità (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Rita Desti. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. La cecità cancella ogni pietà e fa precipitare nella barbarie, scatenando un brutale istinto di sopravvivenza. Nella forma di un racconto fantastico, Saramago .

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She could kill or at least maim each one of them at her leisure and yet she doesn’t. Is swept by a gust of the zeitgeist I think that people can be called a name even if they are blind.

Cecità by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

Doc’s Wife led her husband and her new “family” — The girl with dark glasses, the boy with squint, the man with eyepatch to her old flat. View all 13 comments. From that point there still remain pages. And yet, the buckets of rain come back several times before the end: The ending was solid and happy after a whole bunch of depression ceciha poop on the streets.

Blindness (novel) – Wikipedia

Ain’t that a kick in the teeth? It just doesn’t make any sense I wanted to DNF it so bad, but I forced myself to plow through for the sake of being able to say I read that popular, Nobel Prize—winning book.

Ballard has similar earlier texts. Blindness does not equate to a complete loss of morals. Earamago got a city where blindness is suddenly contracted and quickly spread indiscriminately.

But his talents are used in ugly ways more often than not. Lord of the Flies was a similar “experiment” of decita would happen to young boys trapped on an island.

We weren’t meant to be.

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Gruesome disaster porn with an overstretched premise. The reader already knows that the thugs are capable of starving their fellow inmates to death for no other reason than greed and the pleasure of inflicting suffering.


There is sarwmago more shitting, walking barefoot through shit, crawling in shit, etc. Yes No Report this. Lock up a few hundred helpless blind people for weeks in a dilapidated building with non-working facilities, restrict their food and deny medical care, and what do you think will happen? Is this a virus, a bacteria, a prion? The girl with the dark glasses cecia him and takes care of him like a mother.

Like most works by Saramago, the novel contains many long, breathless sentences in which commas take the place of periods, quotation marks, semicolons and colons. Imagine lots of blind people stumbling around in a city in the pouring rain trying to find food, and to poop and pee what IS it with Saramago’s obsession with that? Entonces empiezan a encerrar a los ciegos en diversos centros de aislamiento, de cuarentena.

He also does not typically separate paragraphs. La scuola della carne Italian Edition. I have no idea why anyone would want to subject themselves to Saramago’s reveries on human degradation. To work for me, it would need to be more character cecia – I still want to know why one of the main characters was unaffected for example, which was never explained. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. But Saramago sagamago even–about how society is being transformed, but there’s scant dialogue from our characters.

I think that people can be called a name eve This book was a major challenge for me to finish. I can imagine and I don’t need cedita know exactly how someone is forced into sexual relations with a bunch of animalistic men. Cecuta mentions that after awhile people began to rely more heavily on their sense of hearing, but that, literally, is the only sentence of science in the whole book.

Also, one of the female inmates has her sight and is armed – she has a tremendous tactical advantage over the blind aggressors. In un tempo e un luogo non precisati, all’improvviso l’intera popolazione diventa cieca per un’inspiegabile epidemia.


I’d love to see this story re-written by a more skilled author. When one ward begins saramaho food and demanding that the women of other wards submit to being raped in return for food, she kills the leader of their ward.

He never saramag names in the novel. Another thing, if sraamago take the book as a parable, which given the fact that the author was a life long communist seems reasonable, then the blindness could be a result of cultural brainwashing, i.

She is unceremoniously removed from the hotel and taken to the quarantine. I do recognize the important themes present, especially those examining the human condition in times of great duress, but it ceicta make me enjoy the experience of reading this book any more.

The man who helpe him get to his house — then later stole the blind man’s car — he too was struck blind.

It’s everywhere; it’s a constant both inside and outside the quarantine. I prefer a different type of doomsday novel.

View all 3 comments. Nothing but darkness, right? What anatomy is affected, the components of the eyeball, the ganglion cells of the retina, the optic or szramago cranial nerves, the optic canal, or the midbrain that process the nerve impulses?

Raw, gross, compelling, and disturbing. First they demanded jewelries and stuff. When the group from his ward finally escapes they end up travelling to and staying in the doctor and his wife’s apartment. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. There was no science whatsoever. Why don’t doctors try to study the first group of blind people to figure out what’s causing this and cscita a cure?