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Praise. Praise for How We Love “How We Love has the capacity to change not only your marriage but every relationship that’s important in your life.”. How We Love has ratings and 99 reviews. In How We Love, relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich draw on the powerful tool of attachment theory. How We Love. Milan and Kay Yerkovich explain why the ways you and your spouse relate to each other go back to before you even met. Drawing on the.

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They assess a situation, come to a conclusion, and resolve the problem without ever feeling the need to consult anyone. Open Preview See a Problem?

How We Love, Expanded Edition by Milan Yerkovich, Kay Yerkovich | : Books

The Avoider, who likes being alone, doesn’t share feelings easily, seems unruffled, and values independence; The Pleaser, who feels anxious around a sad or angry person, and ignores own feelings to focus on another’s; The Vacillator, who craves closeness and intimacy but feels angry when another doesn’t return the same level of affection, often vacillates between warmth and silence, and expe This book addresses in-depth the five different unhealthy love styles that each person gravitates toward: I am not a risk taker, and I like things to be predictable.

I have been listening to the New Life Live radio show for about six months, and Milan Yerkovich is one of the co-hosts on the show.

Taking their time they outline and unpack what five different love styles, or imprints, look like and how they may have formed. That kind of knowing ourselves requires contemplation and reflection. Single In a relationship Married.

They give us a peek into their personal journey and the countless people they have helped move from young hurts toward more meaningful intimate attachment.

I wanted tips on what works, what doesn’t and also tips on how we can I went into this one thinking I’d find insight on how to strengthen an already strong marriage. But the part I read was revealing. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. I am dishonest at times to avoid conflict. I think I can categorize myself as a vascillator, but more importantly, I’ve thought back through my life to try to understand where my reactions come from.


After yerjovich what they call a “secure connector,” the Yerkoviches discuss five primary attachment styles: Then they go on to discuss common partner combination and issued connected with each. I wish my significant other would be more independent. Relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich explain why the ways you and your spouse relate to each other go back to before you even met.

I would describe myself as yerkovic and self-reliant. The initial parts of the book provide good insight on your love style and the way the love styles interact but the latter half of the book was bogged down with details on how to use the “comfort circle” to grow closer as a couple.

Love Style Quiz – How We Love

Do you and your spouse fight about the same things again and again? One of the most insightful books I have ever read. I would describe my childhood as unsafe. With each page, I felt Milan and Kay had seen my movie! The Yerkovich’s make a convincing argument not ws I needed convincing but certainly others might that in order to go forward in the future we must first visit, but not live, in the past.

Growing up, my home was very difficult, but I found I could escape into my head and go away. But we have discovered so much more about ourselves and each other as a result of reading this.

The Love Style Quiz

The goal of this book is to grow deeper emotional intimacy and hhow with your spouse through validation and genuine understanding of each other’s attachment style, as well as our own. The one thing that we really like about this book, besides the content, it’s the fact that even though it was penned by a married couple, they each own what they’ve written.

In each section they explain thoroughly what that part of the circle is and how each love style can look for ways to relate in healthy ways through it. The information in this book opened me up to a whole, new level of understanding about myself, people, and relationships.

Feb 22, John Majors rated it it was amazing Shelves: Asanga and Jamgon Mipham. This quiz will score you in each of the five Love Style categorieswith a high score in any category signaling a trouble area. Jan 15, Kimberly rated it it was amazing.


I highly encourage everyone to read this book as it will help you examine the patterns you learn from childhood to help you cope and relate, get to the root of them, and learn how to do things differently. I didn’t spend as much time on these sections since my husband and I are separated, but there was a lot of good information. I heard about this book on the New Life Live radio broadcast. Gave me equal awareness into myself as well as the emotions of others. Your love style is not a temperament or personality trait.

There’s also an accompanying workbook that you should get and work through with your spouse as well. I get annoyed when people ask llve how I feel.

Your lovw style is activated within any relationship but it goes into full bloom with those to whom you are most closely connected. The Mushroom in Christian Art. The quality of your relationships and your contributions to them are what make life great or miserable. The book always went to childhood for why someone acted the way they did, and childhood does greatly affect a person, but there are many things that can effect a person. Although the subtitle references marriage, I think How We Love would be helpful for anyone, as hhow attachment style affects all of our relationships and learning about it can help us become more of a secure person with anyone, not just a spouse.

If I think someone is hiw at me, I would rather do something nice for them than confront them directly. Jan 20, Pages Buy. Every married couple should read this book. Holy Sexuality and the Gospel.

How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage

It really got in the way of the messages to be conveyed. My significant other controls almost everything about my life. No Thanks Register Now I already have an account. I also interviewed my mom to get a picture of what I was like growing up.