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rules of the card or component take precedence. Reference Book. ®. Stop! It is recommended that players begin playing BattleLore. Second Edition without. of the card or component take precedence. Reference Book. ® stop! It is recommended that players begin playing BattleLore. Second Edition without reading. I just picked up my first reinforcement pack. Following the rules you’re supposed to remove a lore card from your army’s deck for every one of.

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Drago-Tuku — get back to the castle! Game was originally published in by Fantas Flight Games. Generally speaking, “BattleLore”‘s relative complexity is not a bad thing, though it can slow down the action from time to time during each player’s bookkeeping phase.

Module:BattleLore (Second Edition) – VASSAL

Second Edition is a tactical game with miniatures, which has gone through simplification. I wish there was a way to play with 4 players but I understand why that would be practically impossible. The duel bqttlelore good and evil has been stretching since beginning of time. Through Jungle and Desert. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

: BattleLore 2nd Edition: Fantasy Flight Games: Toys & Games

Some command cards allow for special actions and attacks, however. Shooting from a distance is solved classically, but chance of hit is consistently lower, than in close combat, which leaves a nice taste from tactical point of view. With the increasing number of units available, it’s frequent that you don’t have a catds unit fielded, so that having Lore cards boosting that specific unit appeared to be a flaw in the game especially if you play super-specialized armies done with two or three units types.


Dice rolls can batflelore produce lore tokens, which can be used to activate lore cards and different times in the game. See and discover other items: I doubt you’ll regret it. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Review: Battlelore Second Edition – war in Terrinoth

Days of Wonder Memoir ‘ Being stuck with cards you can’t possibly use just seems anti-fun to us for no good reason. Yes, but crazy [ We have no experience with previous version, so we will not compare. Both players will be accompanied by many different cards.

And what about you? Do you allow the mulligan if a player chooses the lore option to draw two, discard one e.

In addition the special properties, each card always provides some order points and determine, in which region he may fight. In both cases, winner is entirely clear. Adding to a player’s analysis paralysis is the fact that each lore card has a unique cardds mechanism that means you really must consult and consider how to play the cards frequently.


Playing one card is elegantly simple and players have their decisions clear from the beginning. This said, the important thing is that everyone has fun with the game, so, bending this or that rule in favour of a better game experience is certainly the right thing to do.

Warranty & Support

Bsttlelore from and sold by Amazon. Maps and army setup does take some time until you get used to the system but then each turn plays fast.

Military skirmishes continue until the moment, when any of players received sixteenth victory point. But the strategy and combat is what makes this game fun.

Although they are few: One can only move to places, where there is no other unit. Already have an account? In this way players have an option to remove the lore cards battlrlore know that will never be used in the game.

It plays nicely, fantasy setting enriches it and makes it a very exciting experience.