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Dodecahedron Calendar Template – Pentagon FaceJanuary February March Su Mo Tu We Th Fr S. Eventbrite – Margin Walker Presents presents Mode Dodeca @ Mohawk – Friday, December 21, at Mohawk, Austin, TX. Find event and. Saturnalia Music and Arts Fest w/ Ex Romantika (1am), Spindrift (12mid), Lake of Fire (), Afrofreque (), Flower Graves (), Tender Things ().

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You may have noticed that due to the nature of a calendar, there are several cells at the beginning and end that are likely to be blank. The rest of the formula is just generic string concatenation and referencing named ranges I created for the year and month.

For example, the key value pair string for a comment in the row of a cell for December 7th, would be like this: Once roughly cut, the calendars get machine-sanded then individually hand-sanded with fine grade papers, before under going two coats of Osmo oil to create a smooth and sealed finish.

Dynamic Codeca in Excel The first thing we need to do is create a dynamic calendar in a spreadsheet.


Download a 12 sided calendar

Designed and manufactured in the UK. Now the template looks like this:. Remember the extra row and column I put into the template earlier shown here as row 4 and column J:.

So I want to point out a small but useful technique I am using that helps me get around this issue without having to codeca change tokens back and forth. Upcoming Events Dec 17 – Jan 1.

12 sided calendar

But what if I want to have one comment range definition that can handle multiple defined ranges in my worksheet? So this is a really powerful option that saves me from having to make six doreca identical comment range definitions. Rucker Elementary School Ft. Kleine Brogel Air Base, Belgium.

Kent Worford West District Superintendent. Moron AB, Seville, Spain.

Sherry, Mode DoDeca, Year of the Dead Bird, Static Masks

Additionally, ColL gives us the column letter for a given column, and CCol gives us the numeric value of the current column. DodeCalmade from a French sycamore, l aunched in October and sold out 7 days later.

Your email address will not be published. A tactile, three dimensional object that combines functionality and contemporary design, DodeCal makes a welcome addition to any home or workplace. One of the comment named ranges on the calendar.


Grafenwoehr Military Community, Germany. Like us on Facebook. The first thing we need to do is create a dynamic calendar in a spreadsheet. Recall that we can have multiple comment range definitions in a view. For example, in the above screenshot, the title of the calendar is just a concatenation of two other cells the month and year.

This is a great start to the calendar: Revealing the dodecahedron shape from a single block of material was claendar of the biggest challenges facing the team. Our condition string for seeing if comments should be active for a cell.

I could certainly employ that approach here.

This was a very technical post that covered a lot of ground. Your browser does not support the video tag. In column G, the row ID values are only three columns to the right. If one of the parameters to the date function, however, is not a number, then the function fails and anything dependent on that cell will also be invalid. Steven Sanchez East Calehdar Superintendent.