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It is, in fact, very destructive both for us and those around us.

Allow it to exist. You are now fully in your heart centerAs you breathe in and out into your heart center, you feel the Earth and the Suns Hearts as ONE in your own heart. The Sun invites you to join your heart with hers. For one, they would not be pestered, fooled, or made ill by negative beings. Staying in alignment with the Earth and Sun is an energy connection to our brruja reality. The beam starts to move toward the Sun You can see the Sun in the distance. But the emotion, like fear, is destructive.

Simply allow whatever comes. Her energy is your energy Her heart is your heart Stay in this place for a few minutes as you expand and grow in light and awareness. Anger – why it is important to process it.

pacxsonar’s blog

So, if you are game, please do an anger processing method. Welcome fear and allow it to grow. You follow it in.

You feel the heat and energy from the Suns atmosphere. You hear the Earth and you observe her. Allow it to grow, and grow Every session counts not just for you, but for the entire human collective.


And often it is only anger which those who try to bully us or step on our toes really hear and understand, and thus stop what they erez doing. You allow it to grow in its beauty, light and love and merge with it. Follow the beam of light and love. And you keep your point of awareness within your heart.

For mer personvernpraksis for bestemte tjenester, se detaljene for bestemte produkter og tjenester. Yup, it takes more than psychic ability to contact these beings.

Just look at it. It could be a physical discomfort, such as a knot, a pain, a location of energy, or through a thought or memory, or it could be just the emotion of fear. It travels up through the sky and into space Your awareness follows it as it travels through the flames You travel through the flames and the light, through the Suns atmosphere out into space you see the Earth in the far distance, and the beam as it moves toward the Earth and you follow as you get closer you observe the Earths majestic beauty You follow closer and closer and reach her The beam travels through the atmosphere and finds your body It goes into your body through you head, downward and into your heart center.

Klikk Glemt passord Trinn 2: And as you breathe out, allow that light and love to go to and fill the space where fear used to be. This is because it is such a powerful source of defensive energy that we think that if we lose it, we will no longer be able to defend ourselves or others. As it does so, you feel as the energy and light from your heart, joins that of the Earth.


And it still is the most important mission here on Earth, to get as many people as possible to start and successfully process their fear.

Now, scan your body from your toes to your head and see if there is any of that fear left. Many of us are reluctant to process, or release, anger.

It is an overtone of the fear energy, which is what darkness is built on. Breathing in light and love, and as you breathe out, allow that light and love to expand throughout your body and out into your environment.

Now, simply breathe deeply and slowly. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Nielia. If you cannot find it, read one of your fear items in your list and scan your body again.

Inelia Benz Fear Processing Exercise

How do we increase our perception of them, how do we make it easier for them to contact us. AAA gjelder voldgifts regler for voldgift for alle tvister til disse forholdenemed mindre du er en person og bruke tjenestene for personlig eller privat bruk.

Skriv inn ny post-ID Trinn 4: Anger can lead us to lose our temper. The one I use is very simple and identical to that for processing fear: Post on Oct views. From the Earths heart, a beam of light and energy starts to travel ahumaada toward your body. This is also negative. Repeat, breathe in slowly, then out as fast as you can. If so, repeat the exercise straight away.