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EXEDY Online Portal. Home · Sign Up. Automotive; Industrial / Agricultural; VIN Search; Part Number Search; Settings; Feedback; Part Info. Make. Company Contact Details. EXEDY Clutch Europe Ltd. Unit 2, Rokeby Court,; Runcorn,; United Kingdom,; WA7 1RW. +44(0) · [email protected] co. At EXEDY Clutch Europe Ltd., we offer a wide variety of manual and automatic transmission components. We strongly EXEDY Racing Clutch Catalogue.

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Clutches are specifically designed to ensure minimal failure rates at high RPM Performance Clutches — for street and strip, rally and motor sports applications. EXEDY Japan was founded in and its clutch manufacturing business and prominent brand catalpgue Daikin Clutch are known throughout the world for supplying quality powertrain products. The Exedy Clutch Finder car parts catalog will cztalogue you to source the available clutch kits and flywheels for your specific make and model of vehicle.

Home from Car Parts Catalog Online.

Exedy has three distribution outlets in Australia and is the premier distributor of clutch parts and kits in Australia and New Zealand. Correct fitting is essential to the performance of a clutch, and incorrect fitting parts will not be covered by warranty.


Once fitted all parts have a 12 month or 20,km warranty, whichever occurs first pending manufacture inspection. Through the Clutch Kits Australia website, you are now able to buy quality clutch kits online with the reassurance that your order will shipped from Australia and will arrive in several days ready for fitting.

Their pursuit of perfection and the assurance of safety underlie their famed quality and reliability. Our 5-star service exedg an additional reason to shop at Late Model Performance. The flywheel MUST be machined or replaced at the time of the clutch being fitted, otherwise the warranty will be void.

Buy Clutch Kit, Disc Pads Clutch & Brake Components

Performance Clutches — for street and strip, rally and motor sports applications. Flywheel; for EF; The EXEDY Group supplies manual clutches, flywheels, and other advanced powertrain components to all eleven vehicle manufacturers in Japan. This means we work hand in hand to engineer products to exact specifications and requirement as set forth by the manufacturer. Please make a careful selection of your parts, or contact us if you are unsure about the correct part for your vehicle.

Their advanced engineering and patented innovations have made them the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for clutches and other powertrain components.

Buy Clutch Kit, Disc Pads Clutch & Brake Components

Clutches are specifically designed to ensure minimal failure rates at high RPM. EXEDY is also the undisputed world leader of performance sports and racing clutches.


The vehicles represented range from to the present date and our inventory is tremendous and is continually rejuvenated for the purpose of offering an incomparable number and multiplicity of parts to meet the customer’s every need.

The Exedy Clutch finder contains hundreds of clutch types for a range of European, Japanese and Australian made cars, whether you are in search ctalogue a standard OEM clutch or a sports, or performance clutch.

Home from Car Parts Catalog Online www. See what LM Performance looked like in Button clutches, also known as puck clutches, which provide extra grip and response.

OEM Clutches — for standard driving conditions, covering a wide range of makes and models. Originating in the work force at Late Model Performance has maintained a noteworthy high level of customer service and has made available a multifarious selection of new performance automotive parts and appurtenances represented by some of the preeminent names in the exddy performance parts industry.

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